We only speak English

Three students with a native speaker
Künzelsau: Freie Schule Anne-Sophie |

In the Freie Schule Anne-Sophie Künzelsau we had a day called “English Day”. We had people from different companies come over to speak with us about education, jobs and their carreers.

We were only allowed to speak English, the whole day. Then we had to show them around in our School. After that we were allowed to ask the visitors anything we wanted to. Then the visitors helped us to make a presentation about our school in English. The visitors came from Arnold and Würth. It’s important to learn another language because, not everybody in the world can understand your language and we also can’t speak every language. It’s also important for business reasons. For example, you have a company which is known for its international business.
After that, we had to do another kind of presentation. One group, made a little film about the English day and why it is important to learn another language. The other group must do a „Tintenkleks“ article. It’s a magazine in our school. We think that the English day is a good idea. The English day is very educational and fun.
This text is written by Paul Schäffer, Aron Stoico, Franziska Hoffmann, Paul Pietz from the FSAS.
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