One man and with his gun, would sixty years old in this year

  „My Name is Bond, James Bond 007

From Secret Service is this gentleman a figure in Ian Fleming ideas.
Ian Fleming is a bookwriter for any romans and more some books.
He is born in the end of May 1908 in London, like a son of the bankman,
studied in Munich and in Genf of psycholigy.
The art of another bookwriters from Ian Fleming is go on the work
till for the future. Sometime is changing on the bookwriters.

Another art of speciality were the films of James Bond 007.
The first actor as 007 in Ian Flemings was Barry Nelson in „Casino Royale“.
1953 came those Film in the cinemas. But this James Bond Film with him only.

Nine years later came Sean Connery as James Bond in the headfilm and in the cinemas:
James Bond hunt Dr. No from 1962. Any films with him were „From Russia with love,
Goldfinger, Operation Fireball, You are only live twice, Diamonds for ever,
Never say never again“. – Some films exited his great arch renemy: Sir Ernest Stavro Blofeld.
„James Bond hunt Dr. No“ is a swiss actor, her name was Ursula Andress
„Goldfinger“ was a german actor and his name was Gert Fröbe.
He’s touching the Bond Girl and will painting in a GoldenColor.
„Never say, never again“ would like again of german actor, his name was
Klaus Maria Brandauer

1968 came a special film and an art of James Bond with Sir David Niven in
„Casino Royale“. too here to see with the swiss actor Ursula Andress.

The next actor of James Bond was George Lazenby.
He was ,A way of aloner‘ of James Bond art.
In these Film married James Bond his wife Comtess Theresa Bond in the film
„Secret Service on her Majesty“ in these Film is the same arch renemy Sir Ernest Stavro Blofeld to see too.

Roger Moore was a smart actor of gentleman on 007 films.
Before the arch renemy Sir Ernest Stavro Blofeld falled in a rear of factory was away with him.
It was in the Film „For your eyes only“
The Allrounder were James Bond with eight films was Roger Moore.
„Live and let die, The Man with the golden gun, The spy, who love me,
Operation Moonraker, James Bond with Octopussy, A view to kill“.
In the both films: Operation Moonraker and in „The spy, who love me“
came „Jaw“ and played from the actor Richard Kiel.

Twice played in the films James Bond 007 from Timothy Dalton to see.
„Death into the fire and Licence to kill“.
with some agil, dynamic stunts and beautifuls Bond Girls in both films.

The irish actor is coming for the future of James Bond it was Pierce Brosnan.
He’s playing in four films with in the great figure gentleman of love.
„Golden Eye, Tomorrow never die, The world is not enough, Die antoher day.“
In „Goldene Eye“ came the next german actor and his name was Gottfried John.

James Bond 007 will return of a new actor from Secret Service now.
Daniel Craig bodied in 007 – Casino Royale 2006 and in the films were
„A Quantum of Solace, Skyfall, Spectre and No Time to die.“
The same act is in the film to see „A Quantum of Solace“ it was in the film:
James Bond Goldfinger“. – touching and painting with color of oil on the body from a wonderful woman.
Christoph Maria Waltz was in both films „Spectre and No Time to die“ to see and was
his arch renemy Sir Ernest Stravo Blofeld in the last time to seen.
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